Gumball Machine with new prizes for 2017

It’s March, what can I say….March is March! On a brighter note, We have TWO NEW BIG STUFFED ANIMALS….A Gigantic Handsome Frog and A Momma Giraffe just waiting for some lucky person to win!  So how do you take a chance to win?  Somewhere among all the gumballs in the gumball machine (pictured), lie two winning gumballs; one for the FROG and one for the GIRAFFE.  25¢ gets you a gumball, and who knows, it may just get you one of the winning gumballs instead!! As an added bonus this year, we have included 10 GUMBALLS with the word “WIN” on it. Get one of those gumballs and you win a $5.00 gift certificate for anything in the store. Hope to see you soon and oh yea.. March is nearly over…..WHEW!!!

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