Mountain of Chocolate Contest 2019

Ok Folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. So how many pieces of chocolate in that GIGANTIC jar? The answer is 1,248. There were 2 people that had guessed 1,250 and the first ticket drawn was Tara K. from a Paoli, PA. Tara was contacted and given the good news. Congratulations and nice going Tara! The other contestant that also had the 1,250 guess, but was drawn after Tara, was Alissa M., a local Gal, right here from Hawley PA. Nice going Alissa! Please stop by the store, we would like to give you a pound of candy from our bins as a consolation prize.

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Gumball Machine with new prizes for 2017

It’s March, what can I say….March is March! On a brighter note, We have TWO NEW BIG STUFFED ANIMALS….A Gigantic Handsome Frog and A Momma Giraffe just waiting for some lucky person to win!  So how do you take a chance to win?  Somewhere among all the gumballs in the gumball machine (pictured), lie two winning gumballs; one for the FROG and one for the GIRAFFE.  25¢ gets you a gumball, and who knows, it may just get you one of the winning gumballs instead!! As an added bonus this year, we have included 10 GUMBALLS with the word “WIN” on it. Get one of those gumballs and you win a $5.00 gift certificate for anything in the store. Hope to see you soon and oh yea.. March is nearly over…..WHEW!!!

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Jelly Belly Contest

Cabin Fever?  Up for grabs, is a brand new Official Jelly Belly Golden Bean Machine and a 10lb case of 49 Flavor Jelly Belly- jelly beans …. a $130.00 value! Just fill out an entry form and you’re in the drawing, no purchase necessary. So what’s the catch? You will need to stop by the store, get your entry form, fill it out and that’s it! You’re in the drawing! No purchase necessary. Drawing Date Saturday, May 23rd 2015. So get up off the couch and head on in to Penny Lane Candies & Candles and get in on the fun!jelly belly machine

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It’s a little chilly out there, but we can help warm things up. A large shipment has just arrived in our HOT SAUCE DEPARTMENT. We now have some exciting new items on18 our shelves as well as your old favorites. The new items include some of the hottest hot sauces on the planet!…yes…on the planet. So if you looking to challenge yourself or looking for a great gift for a “Pepper Head”,  we’ve got what you’re looking for.



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Bayberry Candles

For the many who celebrate the Christmas Season with traditional BAYBERRY CANDLES, we have tapers, pillars, and jars.  The jars are 26 ounce and 16 ounce.these are the ones1

Burning a BAYBERRY CANDLE on Christmas Day is said to bring good luck throughout the year.  A very nice tradition!!

Bayberry Candles


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Tip Jar and Pet Adoption Day

catdog45_small (2)

Last year, 2013, we set a goal to collect $1000.00. During the course of the season we collected a total of $1361.48. For the 2014 season, we set a goal to collect $1500.00.

During Wally Lake Fest on August 23rd 2014, Pike Count Humane Society held an event on our patio by the hot dog stand. Five dogs and three cats were adopted, and in addition, they collected $380.00 in contributions for the day! All said and done, by the end of the season we collected a total of $1579.73…breaking last year’s record. Each year the dollar amount has been increasing because of everyone’s generosity…. God Bless You All !!!

For next season I’m going to set a goal for $2000.00 I know it’s a stretch, but I’m hoping we can come somewhere near that number. The animals need our help and only we can provide some of the support they so desperately need.

Merry Christmas everyone and Very Happy and Healthy New Year…..and…..The ANIMALS THANK YOU !!

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Pet Adoption Day

Can you believe is almost the middle of August?  There’s still plenty of time left for summer fun at Penny Lane. The Hot dog stand has been pretty busy this season and now we have a new addition to our menu. We have expanded our shaved ices to include vanilla ice cream topped with shaved ice and your choice of nine delicious mouth watering flavors. Linda’s favorite is vanilla ice cream with orange flavor syrup….mmm mmm mmm !!!! just like having a creamsicle.


MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDER, we are having another pet adoption day this coming Wally Lake Fest Weekend, Saturday August 23rd between 11am till around 4pm. Pike County Humane Society will be hosting the event and there will be plenty of cats and dogs looking for their forever home. Please stop by and take a peak….you never know, your best friend may be waiting for you!!


Also, for your musical entertainment, Al and John of “MIXING IT UP” will be playing on our porch for the afternoon. Al and John will be donating their time for the benefit of the animals. Thank you so much Al and John!!!!


We will also be giving a free complimentary shaved ice with the purchase of 2 hot dogs. (Shaved ice only, ice cream not included, while supplies last).


On a last note, collection in Mikes Tip Jar has been gaining momentum, but as of date, we are a little behind last year. A total of $1,368.00 was collected for Dessin last year and we are hoping to reach $1500.00 for this year, which will be donated to Pike County Humane Society. Please come help our fury friends.

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