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In our candle room we have many wonderful, relaxing  fragrances to choose from.

Our Candle Lines Include:

  • Keystone Candles™
  • McCall’s Country Canning™
  • Yankee Candle Accessories
  • Candle Accessories
  • Dripless Tapers


Keystone Candles ™  are the newest addition to our candle room. They are made in Pennsylvania and are reasonably priced. We carry 26oz, 16oz, and 5oz jars as well as tarts, votives and tealights. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy these beautiful candles in a variety of fragrances.

keystone candles

keystone candle


McCall’s Country Canning ™ has a unique jar with terrific fragrances…..Country store, Cabin Scents, Laura’s Lemon Loaf…. to the best selling ..Hot Buttered Rum. You are sure to find your favorite.


We have a large line of candle accessories. There are hanging tart burners, jar shades, votive holders, tealight cups in fun whimsical themes. Great for gifts, or treat yourself!!!

Sit Back……Relax……Light a Candle